Goal no.2 for 2011 – start a genealogy blog

Instead of simply thinking about, it I have decided to jump in with both feet and start a blog about my genealogy adventure.

I began this adventure many years ago when quizzing older relatives about where and how they used to live but never became serious about it until recently. I have a local cemetery tour in Nov 2009 to thank for being completely bitten by the genealogy bug, as I found the graves of my grandmother’s, (who is still alive at nearly 92), paternal grandparents. Unfortunately my grandmother was not well enough to join my father and I on the tour that day, but was thrilled to see photos of her grandparents’ graves, both of whom died before she could meet them.

That was over 12 months ago now, and since then I have tried to learn everything I can about how to research my ancestors. I have been quite scattered in my approach until now, but one of my 2 main goals, (along with posting regularly to this blog about my research progress), is to become focused in my research.

I hope in 12 months time to say I have accomplished these 2 goals.