Is there anything you would like to put your name on?

Whilst visiting my Nan today she asked me if I wanted to put my name on any of the special things in her buffet. At nearly 92, and feeling a bit weary, she seems to have decided to attempt to evenly allocate to family members, all the important/sentimental items she has acquired over her lifetime.

I was hesitant to “claim” anything, although did suggest that I would love to have her old photos if none of her children wanted them. It did, however, give me the opportunity to ask her about some of the items in the buffet, and I loved hearing their stories. Amongst some of the more sentimental items was, a beautifully engraved jug and glasses her parents gave her on her 21st birthday, 2 lovely silver cake-serving dishes that were wedding presents, and a set of silver napkin rings that belonged to my grandfather’s mother. There is also a gorgeous, tiny cup and saucer that she carried back to Australia with her when she last left England with her parents when she was 9, in 1928. This she told me, is for my 5 year old daughter, and I am certain will be something she will treasure.

To have one or two of these special mementos to remember Nan by will be wonderful, and whilst it felt very awkward to be discussing such things, I was very happy we had the chance to talk about the history of them. What I need to do next time I visit is to take photos and write a brief description – easier said than done with 2 pre-school children in tow. Isn’t that what the tv is for??