Zite app on iPad and Android tablet for genealogy

I was recently given an iPad to play around with to assess its possible application in the library I work in. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, 7 inch, that I have been (mostly) very happy with, but am now finding myself challenged by my growing admiration for the iPad. At this stage though, I think the most attractive part of the iPad is the size of the screen, so before I go and buy myself an iPad I will be shopping around to see what larger Android tablets are like!

Anyhow, the point of this post is to mention a couple of iPad apps I have been playing around with that I thought might be of interest to others out there. One I have been playing with Zite, I first saw mentioned on DearMYRTLE’s blog. It is an app that aggregates news from the New York Times, as well as your own Facebook and Twitter accounts if you choose to set them up. The other social media app it will link to if you let it is Pocket, or as it used to be known Readitlater. (Aillin has written a great blog on Pocket, so I won’t go over its key points here.) Zite looks like a magazine and on the iPad is very easy to use and attractive to look at. The Android version is not as easy to use, and on the 7 inch screen is not quite as attractive, but as the Android app is only very new they are sure to be planning some improvements to it.

Zite is extremely useful because if you add your Twitter and Facebook feeds to it, and your Pocket items, you can read everything in the one place, and more importantly, share these items with others via Twitter, GooglePlus etc. Once you start using it, and by that I mean reading items, rating and sharing them, the app starts to build a profile of your interests and tries to feed more items that it thinks will interest you.



The first screen shows the main page for one of the Sections I have setup, Social Media. There is an extensive list to choose from. The second screen shot shows the screen of an item that I was reading, including the share and ratings buttons that can be used.

I have more playing to do, but at this stage I think this is an app I will be keeping on both devices.

Has anyone else used Zite? Do you like it and find it useful? I’d love to hear from you.