Trove Tuesday – Too cold for cricket?

I can’t tell you why I started thinking about cricket and my family history tonight, but as I did I decided it was time for a Trove Tuesday post, or any post for that matter as it has been a while.

I grew up with cricket. Every Saturday in summer, in Grafton where you really should be at the beach because it is so stinking hot, my sister and I used to hang out watching Dad play cricket. My fondest memories are of him hitting sixes, (which very recently he told me never happened because he was actually a bowler), and of my sister and I doing crazy jumps off the swings in the park and stealing huge blocks of ice from the locker rooms, (we must have been too young to steal the beer that would also been there!).

So with crazy, mixed-up memories of my life growing up with cricket that I need to sort out – thanks Dad! I thought I would dig into the past and see if anyone in Dad’s family from the Booyong/Pearce’s Creek area is recorded as playing a Bangalow team. They are of course, and as I searched I started to remember many conversations between Dad and my grandfather when he was alive about various family members and their cricketing adventures. There is also a very well-researched local/family history book ‘Clunes to Caribbean’ by Hugh Gallagher, 2001, that details many matches and players of the local area when cricket was a major part of the community.

I found this article that mentions various names connected to my family at Booyong in 1927 – Pearson, Kirkland and Trimble – and they are just the ones connected by marriage. I can see from the results of my search there are many similar articles but I like this one because it has so many familiar names.

1927 'CRICKET', Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954), 6 October, p. 2. , viewed 17 May 2016,

1927 ‘CRICKET’, Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 – 1954), 6 October, p. 2. , viewed 17 May 2016,

My two children are nearly old enough and are as keen as mustard to get out and give cricket a go. Even though it goes against family history, I think they will play for Bangalow.