Off to Congress 2015

This will be short because it is late and I really should be asleep, but I am wide awake thinking about everything that has to be done tomorrow before I get on a plane and head to Canberra for Congress 2015.

I’m very excited because this is my first, more than 1 day genea event and I can’t wait to hear different experts, see the exhibits, meet new people and hang out a bit with my Mum. Mum decided to come along for the ride, and as she is not a genealogist will occupy her days somehow playing golf and checking out some of the huge array of museums and art galleries that Canberra offers. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do much of that, I will squeeze in a trip to the War Memorial, but research I would desperately love to do at the NLA and NAA has to wait for another time. Five nights away from my family is really pushing it, extra days for research weren’t an option.

I have downloaded the Congress app to my Android phone, and to my iPad but can’t get it to work on there, and have selected way too many talks to attend. At this stage I am finding it very hard to choose between some talks being run simultaneously, but will just have to manage on the day!

I’m trying to travel light, with just a carryon suitcase, so only my phone and iPad are coming with me. I have a small notepad, but am going to leave that at the hotel and force myself to take notes in Evernote. I do it now for work, so just need to extend its use to genea events. So much easier to search through than written notes that have no index!

Tomorrow will be a long day. Packing to do, reading and a cross country event at school in the morning, cooking to be done to leave for the family and then soccer training after school. Dinner at some stage and off to the airport. We arrive into Canberra very late, so if you see a zombie walking around Congress on Friday it will most likely be me. Please say ‘Hi’, I’d love to have a chat.

Excited! But now time to go to sleep!