Do as I say, not as I do

As a reference librarian in a University library one of my main responsibilities is to teach students how to conduct research and correctly cite what they find.

Well I think I should listen to myself a little more often! Two weeks ago I fell into the trap of getting excited about finding a piece of information and not recording the citation details. And guess what?? I couldn’t find it again!

I blogged about a discovery I made on Trove in The Northern Star that has been recently added to the digitised newspapers database. In my excitement I failed to tag and correct the article within Trove, which I am usually careful to do, or make a note of the citation details. A few days later when I discovered what I had done I went searching for it again and of course I couldn’t find it, no matter how I looked for it. (I asked one of my colleagues at work to have a try at looking for it and she found it quickly, using the age-old technique of “not getting too complicated with your search keywords” – another piece of advice I like to give but apparently don’t listen to myself!!)

Anyway, my lesson for today is to record your citations no matter how excited you are, otherwise that excitement will quickly turn to disappointment and dismay.

BTW, I have tagged and corrected the article on Trove and added the citation to my original blog entry.