Hanging out with Geniaus

I have just participated, in a very small way, in a Google Hangout organised by Jill Ball of Geniaus fame. Although I joined in about 15 mins late and missed the beginning, I enjoyed listening to the advice and ideas that other family history researchers were sharing. As a novice I didn’t feel I had a great deal to contribute, however, I was very happy to listen and learn from the others who participated.

As is so often the case with technology, Google Hangouts seemed to have undergone a major transformation since I had last used it about a week ago and it took me a little while to find where things were – there are a few I am still looking for! Jill did a great job running the hangout, even with the changes that had been made and I really liked how she asked everyone for their opinion each time she moved on to a new topic. It. Is a great way of giving people a chance to contribute to the conversation.

I am looking forward to more of Jill’s Hangouts and if you want to learn more about family history research, particularly Australian resources, then think about joining in too. You can watch tonight’s Hangout on YouTube.


3 thoughts on “Hanging out with Geniaus

  1. Thanks for joining us, Tanya and thanjs for this blog post. You have such a busy life I really appreciate the time you gave to the activity.

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