I’m cranky, very cranky. I’ve just discovered that a lady has copied content from this blog and posted full blog posts to her Ancestry site.

I have read about this before of course, but more in regards to photos. Regardless, I am not impressed and have emailed her. I also posted a comment on one of those records but then removed it after thinking I should give her a chance to reply to my email. If she doesn’t reply, I will post the same comment on all the pieces of information she has copied.

I actually don’t mind other people finding my information helpful, in part that is why I choose to have this blog (when I have time), but have the decency to acknowledge your sources of information when you copy something! Say hello even, don’t just pinch and run – that is totally rude.

Did I mention I was cranky??


12 thoughts on “Cranky!

    • Thanks Alona. It is sad isn’t it. Now I’ve gotten over my shock and calmed down I can see that it is sad. I enjoy finding new relatives and exchanging information. You can’t do that though with people who take things and don’t acknowledge or engage.

  1. I couldn’t agree more Tanya! It’s theft pure and simple, not to mention plain bad manners. Is there any point contacting Ancestry if they host her info. Totally agree you should leave liberal comments but then they can probably be deleted.

  2. Certainly, she should have given the source. First, it is the right thing to do. Second, it is good genealogic form to give a source.

    That being said, she may have not meant anything malicious. She may have just been so excited to find the information and she wanted to make it more accessible (easier to find) by linking the information to the appropriate people on Ancestry’s database. So, in that sense, I hope you were kind and gave her the benefit of the doubt when you contacted her.

    That is why I post on my “These Stories” page that people are free to copy them to any database without giving credit back to the blog. I figure the credit goes to the newspaper–which information I have posted with the stories I post, and I fully expect them to include that information. But, other than that, I just want the information out there in as many places as possible so people can find their own stories.

    Yes, I did considerable work to find the stories and transcribe them. For me, that is not the point. The point is that people find the stories. But, I realize that is just me, and no one should assume that they can take the fruits of other people’s work freely, without contact, permission, and credit.

    I hope you continue to find joy in working on your history, and I hope this lady makes contact with you.

    Kate’s genealogical newspaper stories, now from Scotland Neck, NC, in 1880s@Finding Their Stories
    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

    • Yes, I was very polite in my email to her and do hope she contacts me. After sleeping on it I am not so much cranky as simply disappointed that either didn’t contact me or acknowledge where she got the info from. I get a thrill out of people finding my information useful and love to hear from them, but I suppose I now realise that there are some who may not feel the same way.

      I think another good reason to contact someone, or acknowledge them, is that there information may in fact be incorrect, so it is good to know where you got it from.

      Thank you for your comments. I will certainly still get joy from researching, I just may do things a little differently from now on.

  3. I can see why you are cranky. However it really does no good in the long run. I have had so much stuff “borrowed” from me that I have lost count. My goal is that I put the information out there to be used and shared. All I ask is to be given some credit. I had a photograph that was used without my permission. Then someone else asked permission to use it from the person who had taken it from me in the first place. And he gave permission! It’s not worth the bother to let it get you down.

    • You are right, it is no use being cranky and after sleeping on it I don’t feel like that anymore. I am disappointed though that she did not either make contact or simply put something at the bottom of the information to show it was from elsewhere. I’m happy if someone else finds the information I have found to be useful, but it is also lovely to hear from those people. Maybe she doesn’t realise I would be more than happy to share with her. Anyway, I might think a little harder about exactly what I put up in future. It might just be snippets of info.


  4. Last night I found a photo on Ancestry that must have been lifted from my blog. I took it in April last year on my way back from Congress in Adelaide. Of course it wasn’t acknowledged. I regularly find bits from my blog as stories on Ancestry trees. I am furious each time I find them.

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