Trove Tuesday: Brooklet School Picnic

Trove Tuesday is an initiative of Amy Houston of Branches, Leaves and Pollen.

My post this Tuesday is about a very small item I found that mentions my Nan’s family in Brooklet in Northern NSW, just prior to Christmas in 1900.

Brooklet School Picnic. (1900, December 22). Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 – 1954), p. 4. Retrieved October 9, 2012, from

It is such a very small mention ‘Simmonds’ but has resulted in me being able to narrow down when the family moved from Milton on the South Coast, up to the North Coast of NSW. My great grandfather, Victor Rex SIMMONS was born in Milton in 1898 so I knew they were still living down South then. Until I came across this article, the earliest I could place them on the North Coast was from the 1901 electoral role.

Although it narrows down the time frame of when they arrived, I still do not know exactly when they came up this way, or why – although I suspect it had to do with selling the family farm and moving to where there was more land.

I should also point out that the name in the article is not spelt exactly the same way as my Nan’s maiden name of Simmons, however, due to the very small population in the area at the time and after not discovering any other Simmons or Simmonds family in the area at that time in my research, I am quite confident it is ‘my’ Simmons family.

I also like this article because of the spirit it represents in people building a new community and how important a school was in that process. Something we take somewhat for granted these days.


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