Going to a Genea Expo

I am excitedly preparing for my first genealogy expo tomorrow, the Unlock the Past Queensland Expo 2012 in Brisbane.

I am updating online records of a couple of my ‘brick walls’. I had found further details but had not gotten around to adding the new details to my genealogy database, so if I have the chance to ask an expert their opinion I will have all the information I need at hand. (In theory anyway.) I also have scanned copies of all relevant and important docs saved to my Dropbox account in case I need to access them.

I have my online ticket, accessible through the Eventbrite app for Android and iPad, just in case something goes wrong with either. I thought about printing a copy of my ticket but as I had also decided to try going paperless tomorrow, taking a printed ticket does not start me off very well.

I am taking my new iPad which is wireless, but not 3G, so I will run it off my Android phone using a Wifi Hotspot app if I need to connect to the Internet for any reason. I have tested this out a lot recently and it has worked very well so far. Hopefully it does so again tomorrow. My phone, or my partner in crime’s (@IrishConvict on Twitter) phone, will also serve as the GPS guide to hopefully get us to the Expo in time to have a quick browse around before the talks begin.

I will try to Tweet during talks, but do find I don’t take as much in if I tweet while a talk is on so may not be all that successful. I would rather take the information in and write a blog about it later after I have had time to fully digest it all.

As for taking notes, I intend to do that on my iPad and hopefully my typing can keep up or at least make sense.

I have a few more things to do before bed, it will be an early morning tomorrow because it is at least a 2 hour drive from where I live in Northern NSW, (although not as far as @IrishConvict who lives another 1 1/2 hours south of here!). If I have forgotten anything, please let me know!


7 thoughts on “Going to a Genea Expo

    • I didn’t realise you were there either Pauline, until I saw you in one of the photos! I was disappointed to miss you too. I overheard a lady at lunch that day marveling about ‘a lady who had traveled all the way from Darwin’ – I maybe should have twigged that it could have been you!

      • Can’t take credit for travelling from Darwin as I was in Brisbane to assist with family commitments, or I’d have had more time to hang out. Still I was delighted to get there at all.

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