Looking ahead – my goals for 2012

I have been reading the goals of a number of other geneabloggers over the last few days and it seems like a good idea to put them down in writing – then I might remember what they were!

I only have 3 goals and think it may be a small miracle if I achieve all of them because I am also going to start studying again this year. Anyhow, here they are:

1. Spend more time with my Nan, who at 92 is doing well to still be here in such good health. I would like to be able to record more of her stories and ancedotes so I can save and share them with the rest of the family. I would also like to find out more details about the people in her photos because many of the names, stories of those people will be lost once she is gone.

2.  I would love to be better organised. I have played around with many different forms and ways of saving my research progress but until recently had not found anything that worked efficiently for me. After reading a post by Aillin at Australian Genelogy Journeys blog on Research logs I think I have put together 2 forms and a system using Google docs that will work for me – I hope. It needs testing!

3. I have one great great grandparent who is missing a surname and I would like to discover what that is. I have many other brick walls, however I feel that this is one that I might be able to break down more easily than the others. (You know the type: did they swim here??, died somewhere but can’t find out where etc.)

Hopefully I will be able to report positively on these goals this time next year.

Happy Goal Achieving!


9 thoughts on “Looking ahead – my goals for 2012

  1. These are wonderful goals. You can do this. Perhaps join the rest of us in cheering each other on. Stephanie over at the blog Corn and Cotton is the lead cheer leader, or so it seems! Good luck!

  2. Looks like an achievable list – good luck with it. Let me know how you go with no. 2 as always looking for ways of organiising myself (nothing ever works – trying a non-tech method with colored post-it notes at work this year :).

    • Will do. My past attempts haven’t usually being as successful as I would like. (Should Librarians be well organised in their personal lives as well as at work??)

  3. Sounds like you’ve got a big year ahead! Study will be rewarding and talking to your grandmother invaluable. Will you be able to video one of your chats so later generations can see? Happy hunting.

    • That is a great idea to video Nan. I was thinking of an audio recording, I hadn’t thought of videoing her, probably because she is not too fond of having her photo taken. She may not mind though.

  4. These are great goals! I would love to hear how you are using Google Docs to keep things organized. I’ll go read the post that you linked. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do especially for prep work for the upcoming 1940 census release. Now to find a system that works for me! Enjoy your Nan. That might be the best goal yet. :)

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