The treasure in Trove

I discovered two nights ago that Trove had started to load digitised versions of my local newspaper The Northern Star onto its website. I am very excited to see this because many of my father’s ancestors have lived in the area covered by this newspaper since the 1870s and 1880s when they moved from Kangaloon and Marshall Mount in Southern NSW.

I have inherited a few copies of marriage notices and the like from my Nan who either collected them herself or inherited them over the years, but there are many events that I have to discover for myself and this task has now become so much easier.

To be honest, I was so excited to see The Northern Star appear that I really didn’t know where to start and just threw names in almost randomly to see what results appeared. (Not really what an efficient reference librarian should do). Tonight I have been trying to be more efficient and have already found something unexpected.

I did a search for my 2x great grandfather Hugh KIRKLAND and found an article from 1911 regarding the death of someone described as one of his employees.

SUDDEN DEATH. (1911, September 11). Northern Star
(Lismore, NSW : 1876 – 1954), p. 4. Retrieved November
9, 2011, from

The employee unfortunately passed away very quickly one day over just a couple of hours. I am particularly interested in this article because the employee is described as “an Indian”.My husband’s parents are both from India, (we tend to describe him as Anglo-Indian with quite a bit of Portugeuse ancestry), and although we have neighbours who are of Indian descent and have been here for many years, I did not expect to find my farming 2x great grandfather employing men from India. I obviously have a lot to learn!

The article is very brief and warrants further research to discover the results of the autopsy. I would also like to find out more about Maffra and where he came from if possible. As this newspaper has not been completely uploaded to Trove yet I may have to be patient for a little longer. I will be though, because a great deal of it is already there.


5 thoughts on “The treasure in Trove

  1. Tanya also search under the city papers if you haven’t already done so. I’ve been amazed how much regional news from one area turned up in a paper from miles away. It’s an intriguing little story isn’t it, and opens up the gateway into linkages with new immigrants. Perhaps your ancestor was nominating them?

    • Great idea, thank you. I have found articles in city newspapers previously about ancestors who lived in the country, but had not thought to search further on this. Needs further investigation!

    • Where did your ancestors live Sharon? Apparently there used to be family connection to Kirkland buses, not sure exactly which branch I haven’t looked into that yet, but they sold quite a while ago.

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